Classroom Activities for Teachers

Grades K–1

Good Reader
With a bookmark like this, every child will be eager to read more!

Book Character Replay
Use this project to encourage students to recall story details and reenact favorite tales!

Jolly Jester
Students love retelling favorite jokes and funny stories.

Animal Pocket
Post these pockets and encourage children to write messages to classmates.

Fishing for Letters
This little fish makes a big splash!

First Flight
Encourage creative writing with these baby birds.

Color-Word Kite
Color-word recognition will soar!

Grades 2–3

Shapely Writing Journals
Inspire writing and creativity!

Take Flight With Poetry
A 3-D way to display poetry.

Lining Up Good Books!
Encourage students to share favorite books.

My Favorite Book
Students inspire classmates to read with these heartfelt book reports.

Grades K–1

Mobile Patterns
Students can change the display whenever they'd like!

Wind Dancer
A fun way to reinforce shapes and colors.

Flower Power
Reinforce number recognition and counting skills!

Counting on Rainbows
Invite students to make this colorful booklet to reinforce counting and colors.

Grades 2–3

3-D Shapely Sculpture
Students get creative while reviewing shapes.

An Apple a Day
Build healthy eating habits with an apple-shaped diary.

Grades K–1

Cool Penguin Puppet
Perfect following a discussion of penguin species and camouflage—or simply for wintertime fun!

Did You Hear?
Use this project after a discussion of different animals' hearing and how their ears are adapted for their environments.

Beautiful Wings
A colorful display to wrap up a study of animal life cycles.

Creature Headband
Bring wiggly-giggly fun to a study of sea creatures!

Weaving a Web
Encourage students to investigate the types of webs spiders weave.

Grades 2–3

Winter Snooze
Spur a discussion of wintertime animals.

Fine-Feathered Booklet
Display students' knowledge about owls with a fun assessment tool.

Early Birds or Night Owls?
This graphing activity makes a great follow up to a discussion of nocturnal animals.

Changing Ladybugs
Students can use this booklet to summarize what they've learned about metamorphosis—or simply for creative writing!

Spidery Eight
How many legs does this arachnid have?

Meteorology Mobile
Ready your class for any season by adapting this mobile.

Grades K–1

Bear Hunt
With this clever map skills craft, your students will enjoy making up their own adventures.

A Picture of Respect
Foster self-respect with these student-made portraits!

Grades 2–3

Exploring Inventions
Inspire historical research or complement an oral report.

Whose House?
Have students create houses to resemble those in other parts of the country or world.

Passport to Explore
Increase students' awareness of the world.

Which Way to a Happy Ending?
Students map out the routes in favorite fairy tales!

Grades K–1

My Snowball
No matter what the weather, this snowball project is cool!

A Blooming Good Bunch
Build class pride!

Celebrating With Flowers
Honor students' mothers with this floral card and headband!

Grades 2–3

Pretty Paper Beads
Make fun, festive bracelets and necklaces.

Fun Flower-Catchers
Students create and preserve paper flowers.

Flying Kite
Make this soaring kite for springtime fun!

Grades K–1

Skate, Glide, Draw!
Use music to inspire students as they create art!

A Musical Interlude
Enforce fine-motor development, introduce rhythm, and practice cooperation with simple and fun instruments.

Ready Your Wand!
This magical wand is great for practicing letters, shapes, and numbers!

Cheery Suncatcher
Wrap up a study of shapes, letter or numbers. So many possibilities!

Grades 2–3

All About Me Mobile
Students get to know one another with this creative mobile.

Dreams for the World
A colorful critical-thinking project to remind youngsters to help others and believe in themselves.

A Chain of Thanks
Round up thoughts of thankfulness.

Giant Dandelions
Draw attention to student work on a motivational display.

Proud as a Peacock
Use the projects to display students' best work or to recognize excellent behavior!

Colors That Pop!
Bright and vivid, this project provides a fun way to explore colors.

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