Classroom Activities—3-D Shapely Sculpture

Students get creative while reviewing shapes with these paper sculptures. For a seasonal flair, incorporate heart, shamrock, pumpkin, or apple shapes!


  • Westcott 5” Kids scissors
  • construction paper sheets in several colors
  • ruler
  • circle tracers, such as jar lids, in various sizes
  • glue

Step 1
Use the ruler to draw a 4" x 6" rectangle on a sheet of construction paper. Cut out the rectangle and fold it in half lengthwise. Cut slits across the fold and position the rectangle to form a base.

Step 2
Use the tracers and ruler to draw shapes in various sizes and colors. Cut out each shape and insert it into a slit in the base.

Step 3
Build the sculpture by folding, slitting, and gluing the shapes to create a desired effect.

Adult supervision is recommended when children use scissors.
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