Classroom Activities—Beautiful Wings

Create this colorful display to wrap up a study of animal life cycles or simply to celebrate spring! Title it "Beautiful Wings!"


  • Westcott 5” Kids scissors
  • 9" x 12" construction paper sheet
  • 3" x 6" black construction paper strip
  • construction paper scraps
  • pipe cleaner half
  • glue

Step 1
Trace the outlines of both of your shoes on the construction paper. Cut out the tracings to make wings.

Step 2
Trim the black construction paper to form the butterfly's body. Then glue the wings to the body.

Step 3
Cut the pipe cleaner and shape the pieces to form two antennae. Glue them in place.

Step 4
For added color, trim paper scraps and glue them to the wings.

Adult supervision is recommended when children use scissors.
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