Classroom Activities—Celebrating With Flowers

Plan a special celebration for students' mothers or other special women with this floral card and crown!


  • Westcott 5” Kids scissors
  • 1 1/2" x 18" green construction paper strip (headband)
  • three 3" construction paper squares in different colors
  • 6" x 9" construction paper
  • 5" x 8" white paper
  • glue
  • markers

Step 1
Size the headband to fit an adult's head; cut off the excess and glue the ends together. Trim the construction paper squares so they resemble tulips. Glue the tulips to the front of the headband.

Step 2
Scallop the 6" x 9" construction paper so it resembles a flower. Trim the corners of the white paper to create an oval. Glue the oval in the center of the flower.

Step 3
Fold each end of the flower in to the center to create two flaps. Write a message on the flaps. Open them and write a message inside the card.

Adult supervision is recommended when children use scissors.
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