Classroom Activities—Flying Kite

Make this soaring kite for springtime fun!


Step 1
Fold a sheet of newspaper in half, roll it up tightly, and then tape it at both ends and in the middle. Repeat with the other sheet of newspaper. Use the string to tie the two poles together in the middle.

Step 2
Beginning at one end of the poles, wrap and tape string around each end to form a kite frame.

Step 3
Lay the frame on the construction paper and trace the outside of the kite frame. Put the frame aside.

Step 4
Cut out the kite shape and trim off a bit of each corner. Use the crayons to decorate the kite.

Step 5
Lay the frame on the paper cutout. Fold each paper edge over the frame and tape it in place.

Step 6
To make a tail, cut fabric pieces and tie them to a piece of ribbon. Attach the string to the bottom of the kite. Finally, add a kite string by tying it to the frame.

Adult supervision is recommended when children use scissors.
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