Classroom Activities—Lining Up Good Books

Encourage students to share favorite books with this literature display. To display the projects, stretch yarn or a rope across a bulletin board to make a clothesline. Then use clothespins to clip the finished projects to the rope. For added flair, post seasonal details (such as flowers, trees, leaves, or snow) behind the shirts. Or have students design different articles of clothing to match the weather.


Step 1
Draw a T-shirt outline on the construction paper. Cut out the shape.

Step 2
Using the scissors, glue, paper scraps, and other craft supplies, create a picture to reflect a scene or theme from a favorite book.

Step 3
Write the name of the book and author on the shirt.

Step 4
Write your name on the clothespin and clip it to the shirt.

Adult supervision is recommended when children use scissors.
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