Classroom Activities—Meteorology Mobile

Ready your class for any season by adapting this eyecatching mobile—create raindrops for spring, suns for summer, and leaves for autumn!


Step 1
Cut the white paper in half lengthwise. You'll use each piece to make one snowflake. Accordion-fold one piece into half-inch pleats and then cut a notch on each long side at the center. Then cut a piece of yarn and tie it around the folded paper at the notches.

Step 2
Make various cuts on all sides of the folded paper.

Step 3
Put glue along the outside edge of one pleat, place the end of a piece of yarn on the glue, and then gently pull the snowflake open to sandwich the glue between the pleats. Glue together the opposite side. Make three additional snowflakes.

Step 4
Staple the ends of the tagboard strip together to make a circle. Punch four holes along the bottom of the circle and tie the yarn to the holes.

Step 5
Punch four holes along the top of the tagboard loop and thread yarn through to make a hanger.

Adult supervision is recommended when children use scissors.
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