Classroom Activities—Mobile Patterns

With this interactive mobile, students can change the display whenever they'd like!


Hint: To practice patterning, have each student make two sets of circles that are the same. Then combine different students’ circles to create bigger patterns.

Step 1
Draw a pattern on one side of each circle. Leave the other side a solid color.

Step 2
Mark the middle of a circle. Then make a cut from one side of the circle to the middle. Do this for each one. Fit pairs of circles together by connecting them at the slits.

Step 3
Cut four pieces of yarn, each a different length. Tie a paper clip to the end of each one. Then attach the paper clips to the tagboard strip.

Step 4
Tie a paper clip to the other end of each piece of yarn. Attach the paper clips to the circles.

Adult supervision is recommended when children use scissors.
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