Classroom Activities—Proud As a Peacock

This little bird lets students strut their stuff! Place the completed peacocks on a bulletin board to display students' best work or on their desks to recognize excellent behavior!


  • Westcott 5” Kids scissors
  • 3" x 5" index card
  • 4" construction paper square (body)
  • two 2" construction paper squares (head and wing)
  • construction paper scraps
  • glue

Step 1
Fold the index card in half and then along each end to form a base.

Step 2
Trim the body and the wing to make heart shapes. Trim the head to make a circle. Glue the wing and head to the body.

Step 3
Cut strips in various sizes and colors from the construction paper scraps. Roll one end of each strip around a pencil, unroll it, and then glue the uncurled end to the body.

Step 4
Cut eyes and a beak from the paper scraps and glue them to the head. Glue the peacock to the index-card base.

Adult supervision is recommended when children use scissors.
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